Contractor Listing

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Deering Lumber is providing the contractor listing as a courtesy only and does not endorse or represent the contractors or guarantee any sort of specific performance or work standard from the contractors on this list, nor has Deering Lumber vetted the contractors, including for licensure, compliance, or insurance. Deering Lumber strongly recommends you personally vet the contractor(s) before working with them. Deering Lumber and its parent, US LBM Holdings, LLC, shall not be liable for any act or omission of the contractors on this list. This list is not a contract with any of the listed contractors and to enter into a contract with the listed contractor(s) you must do so outside of Deering Lumber. It is entirely up to you to contact the contractor(s) on this list, vet the contractor(s) or validate any reviews, and contract with the contractor(s), and you assume all liability, obligations, and responsibility for any contact, relationship, contract, or work you have with the contractor(s).

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